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Horses For Sale
At Spencefarms we offer registered Shire and Drum Horse foals and young stock for sale. Photos and more listings coming soon. Please email us for more information and pictures of our sale horses. If you don't see what you are looking for here, please contact us to see what else we may have available.
Fox Valley King Magnus
Shire Stallion - $10,000

DOB: 07/05/2001
ASHA: 23038-S
Sire: Fox Valley Equus Magnus (Shire)
Dam: Domi
Fox Valley Genie "Ginny"
Shire Mare
- $7,500
DOB: 04/06/1997
ASHA: 24084-M
Sire: Fox Valley Trigger
Dam: Fox Valley Twinkle

Genie is currently bred to Fox Valley King Magnus.

Spencefarms Velvet Impressions
Shire Filly
- $3,500
DOB: 05/16/2011
ASHA: 24630-M
Sire: Fox Valley King Magnus
Dam: RM's Lasting Impression

Spencefarms Southern Belle
Gypsy Filly
- $9,000
DOB: 08/26/2011
GHRA: Pending
Sire: Spencefarms Grandpa Romney
Dam: Spencefarms Terry Annabelle

Belle is beautiful and very much like her sire Grandpa Romany.  Her white face frames that sweet disposition.  She has loads of beautiful feather.  She is small and compact very gypsy like.

Coming Soon!

Spencefarms Alabama Pete
Gypsy Gelding
- $10,000
DOB: 04/21/10
GHRA: B00001075
Sire: Spencefarms Grandpa Romney
Dam: Spencefarms Alabama Gypsy

"Pete" is a two year old Gypsy stud with volumes of beautiful silky flowing hair.  Pete has a wonderful tempermant.  He loves attention. Graceful jumper.  Tremendous stallion prospect.  Cogins ready!

Spencefarms Terry Annabelle
Gypsy Mare
DOB: 01/01/1997
GHRA: B00000069
Sire: Unknown
Dam: Unknown

Terry is currently bred to Grandpa Romney.
Spencefarms Dixieland Delight
Gypsy Mare
- $6,000
DOB: 02/25/2004
GHRA: B00000070
Sire: Showgunner
Dam: Spencefarms Terry Annabelle

Spencefarms Little Skittles
Drum Mare - SOLD
DOB: 04/05/2006
ADHA: D0190M
Sire: D & J Moose (Shire)
Dam: Spencefarms Terry Annabelle

Skittles is currently bred to Grandpa Romney.

Spencefarms Sudden Splash
Drum Filly - $3,800
DOB: 03/19/2012
ADHA: Pending
Sire: Spencefarms Grandpa Romney (Gypsy)
Dam: Fox Valley Queen Magnus

Spencefarms Tennessee
Tennessee x Shire - SOLD
Dam: Fox Valley Genie

Tennessee is a 17hh Shire Tennessee Walker cross gelding. He is a wonderful riding horse.

Spencefarms Sassy Anna
2 Year Old Gypsy Filly - $9,000
DOB: 08/25/2010
GHRA: B00001076
Sire: Spencefarms Grandpa Romany (Gypsy)
Dam: Spencefarms Terry Annabelle (Gypsy)

"Sassy" True to her name she has lots of spirit and energy.  Lots of beautiful flowing hair. Coggins ready!
She is homozygous for the Tobiano color pattern.  DNA test results available.

Spencefarms Heart of Dixie
2 Year Old Drum Filly - $3,800
DOB: 04/23/2010
ADHA: D0247M
Sire: Colonel (Shire)
Dam: Spencefarms Dixieland Delight

Heart is a bay drum with a blaze and hind stockings.  She is 50% Shire and 50% Gypsy.  She has a heart of gold.  Coggins ready!

Spencefarms Roll Tide
Yearling Gypsy Filly
- $9,000
DOB: 08/01/2011
GHRA: Pending
Sire: Spencefarms Grandpa Romany (Gypsy)
Dam: Spencefarms Alabama Gypsy (Gypsy)

Gypsy has again produced a beautiful filly.  Tide has all the grace and flowing feather of both parents.  We think she will be a very special addition to your breeding program.

Spencefarms Miss Muffin
Yearling Drum Filly
- $3,800
DOB: 10/16/2011
ADHA: Pending
Sire: Spencefarms Grandpa Romany (Gypsy)
Dam: Spencefarms Little Skittles (Drum)

The sweetheart of Spencefarms.  Miss Muffin has even stolen her father's heart.  He allows her to eat with him everyday since her mother refuses her even a taste of her feed.  She is 1/4 shire and 3/4 gypsy and has great size and confirmation and loads of beautiful feather.  Her black tail completes the package.

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